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Title: The Spiritual Reality of Prayer (Salat)
Authors: Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman
Keywords: Islam
Issue Date: 2016
Description: Spirituality is a comprehensive term, which encompasses almost all the perspectives of life. It entails the word „Spirit‟ and if we contemplate on the word „spirituality‟ it shows „reality‟ of „spirit‟. When the soul leaves a body, the body becomes dead, which proves that the actual living being is the soul. But why our soul is in agony and we are spiritually in cessation? As our physical body needs nutrients to live and grow, likewise our soul also needs to exalt spiritually. As our soul is not visible to bare eye then how can its sustenance be tangible? Its food is Love and Vision of the Divine One. Spirituality and mysticism is having knowledge about His Being, His Love, His Vision. The whole picture should be taken into account. We all were separated from our Lord Allah Almighty and were sent to this world to fulfill the promise that we made to Him. Everything in this universe has a purpose then how can we be without any aim. We were sent to prove our love to our Lord and defeat satan and our nafs. How can we prove our love to our Almighty Allah when we do not have intellect of our actual whereabouts, we only know the apparent aspect of the picture. Every spirit should know the spiritual reality of itself. We offer different prayers according to our religion but do we know the spiritual or mystic reality of all the customs and norms of our religion? Islam is the only religion, which evokes this question and helps us find its answer through the ultimate path of Faqr-e-Mohammadi (the path of our Holy Prophet Mohammad). Faqr is the course or the way, which leads a true Muslim to such closeness to Allah, where he or she is blessed with the vision of The Divine Essence as Prophet Mohammad was blessed on the night of Meraj. It is the actual Sunnah of the Holy Prophet as he says:“Faqr is my pride and Faqr is from me”. Nowadays people find peace nowhere and get tired of everything after a certain time period, our soul is struggling for peace but we are unaware of it and run after worldly desires but we should remember that this life has to end some day. We can find that peace only in the love of Allah and its reflection is in Salat, the Salat of a Momin. There are five basic pillars of Islam; Kalma, Salat, Fast, Zakat and Hajj (pilgrimage). These are the most promising ways to reach Allah but only through the Murshid Kamil Akmal (The Divine Spiritual Guide) who is the one and only in every era. Allah has stated many times about establishing Salat in the Quran. There are multiple verses and hadiths stressing upon the importance of Salat as given in this book. This book is an English version of the Urdu text „Haqeeqat-eNamaz‟ that is written by the present Shaikh of the Sarwari Qadri Order, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman Madzillah-ul-Aqdas. It is not an ordinary book, it has the power to enliven the soul and open one‟s spiritual eye because it has gems and pearls of knowledge and wisdom in it. Nowadays people focus on offering Salat like some physical exercise to get paradise in reward, they are unaware of its spiritual reality. Salat is in fact the presence of heart and soul before Allah. When a Momin offers any prayer it is not just an offering of a body but also of his heart and soul, he no longer belongs to himself rather gets united with Allah as if he was never separated from Him. People do not find peace in anything because they have forgotten the spiritual reality of all the norms and customs of Islam.
ISBN: 978-969-9795-45-9
Appears in Collections:Sultan ul Faqr Publications

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