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Authors: Sultan-ul-Arifeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo
Keywords: Islam
Sultan Baho
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Sultan-ul-Faqr Publications
Description: Ain-ul-Faqr (The soul of Faqr) is the most popular book by Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo which explains the path of Faqr in the easiest way. Sultan Bahoo has used a very simple language in this book, contrary to his style in other books, so that the Divine message conveyed in this book is understood by everyone. The gist of all the books of Sultan Bahoo mainly comprises of five topics: (a) Signs of perfect Murshid and importance of following him to reach Allah. (b) Invocation and contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat under the guidance of perfect Murshid. (c) Life of heart and death of desires of nafs. (d) Gaining presence of holy assembly of Prophet Mohammad. (e) Acquiring marifat, vision and union of Allah. All these topics are most pleasantly, effectively and explicitly explained in Ain-ul-Faqr. This book can not only be considered the soul of Faqr but the soul of Islam as it guides its readers towards the closeness, vision and union of Allah which is the soul of all obligatory prayers of Islam as well as the main aim behind the creation of mankind. Sultan Bahoo has conveyed the Divine message to the masses in Persian language which was the ruling language in his era. This treasure needed to be transferred in other languages specially English which is the internationally known language in this age. Although many efforts have been made to translate his books in Urdu by different individuals and institutions but no effort has ever been made to convert all his books in English. Just a few books have been translated in English, which are just literal translations and do not convey the spirit and the true message given in the original book. Nowadays, those few translations are also unavailable. Job of a translator is not to convey the words of the writer to the readers but to convey the soul behind the words and make it easy for the reader to understand the essence of the original book. To understand a Saint‟s book whose caliber is beyond one's imagination like that of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo, is not possible unless one gets inwardly purgated and guided by a perfect and accomplished Murshid who elevates one to the spiritual heights where it becomes possible to understand the Divine message behind the apparent words. I am really fortunate that my perfect and accomplished Murshid Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Khadim Sultan-ul-Faqr Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman Madzillah-ul-Aqdus conferred upon me the opportunity to translate Sultan Bahoo‟s books. Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman is the present Spiritual Leader of the Sarwari Qadri Order of Sultan Bahoo and his true spiritual descendant. He is a man of spiritual powers and remarkable caliber. He has done immense efforts to spread the Order and teachings of Sultan Bahoo. He has written twenty one books on mysticism and spirituality most of which are based on Sultan Bahoo‟s teachings. His book Shams-ul-Fuqara is an encyclopedia of Sultan Bahoo‟s teachings. Under his guidance, all the books of Sultan Bahoo are not only being translated in Urdu in a much better way than the previous translations but also in English for the first time so as to spread his message worldwide.
ISBN: 978-969-9795-44-2
Appears in Collections:Sultan ul Faqr Publications

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