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Title: Archery
Authors: USA Archery
Keywords: shot sequence.
shot technique
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Human Kinetics, Inc.
Description: If you’re serious about improving accuracy, increasing consistency, and achieving competitive success, Archery is your guide. Featuring the in-depth instruction, insight, and advice from the world’s top coaches and archers, Archery sets a new standard in resources for those who compete with the recurve or compound bow. Archery includes a wealth of information on perfecting stance, body alignment, muscle recruitment, and shot sequence. You’ll master the skills and techniques taught at the U.S. Olympic Training Center by legendary coach KiSik Lee. Then you’ll prepare for competition: • Select and properly tune equipment. • Develop a winning shot sequence. • Set up, draw, and complete the shot. • Maximize practice time. • Train physically and mentally for competition. • Develop a successful tournament strategy. Developed by USA Archery, Archery is an invaluable resource you’ll refer to again and again.
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