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Title: Renegade training for football: the ultimate guide to developing maximum strength, maximum speed and maximum power by
Authors: Coach Davies
Keywords: Sports Training
Exercise & Fitness
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Dragon Door Pubn
Description: What does it really take to win in football? How can you turn apparent athletic mediocrity into an unstoppable force that can't stop winning? Why do God-given talents and genetic-freaks so often fail on the field to lesser mortals? How do you get the victory before you even step on the field? What fail-safe training method can churn out winners, year-in, year-out, with a staggering consistency? Enter the secret stealth weapon of modern football success, Coach Davies, who has helped high school, college and NFL teams to turn lead into gold -- and also-rans into number one -- with startling frequency. In this book, Coach Davies presents you with his full program for gridiron mastery. The physical programme itself cuts to the core of what really, really, really works-in-the-trenches to optimise on-the-field performance. Techniques run the gamut from cutting-edge Eastern European to tried-and-true traditional. It is all here, from rope-skipping, stretching, hurdling, sprint set-up and Olympic lifts to esoteric Russian Kettlebells, abs-work, ladder work, jumping, tumbling and cones. A goldmine of explicit charts and racks of photographs ensure your complete grasp of how to blow past your current athletic level and ratchet up to greatness.
ISBN: 978-0938045427
Appears in Collections:Football e-Books

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