Gazetteer of the Mianwali District 1915

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Sang-E-Meel Publications
Of the material, from which this Gazetteer has been compiled, a large proportion consists of passages, freely taken from the District Settlement Report, the several Assessment Reports, the "Mianwali Customary Law, and the old Gazetteers of the Bannu and Dera Ismail Khan Districts. In many cases, the sources of these extracts have been stated in the text: in other cases, however, they have been transcribed without designating their origin. Of the remaining ,material, the greater part was accumulated by Rai Bahadur Pandit Hari Kishan Kaul, C.I.E., when Settlement Officer in the Mianwali District. A few accounts have now been added dealing with subjects, without mention of which the Gazetteer would have been incomplete ; and the statistics have been brought up to date in the light of the results of the census of 1911. Volume B of the Gazetteer, which was published in 1912, also contains statistical tables relating to many of the matters dealt with in this volume, and reference has constantly been made to these tables, without as a rule reproducing them.