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eResources is a digital repository that provides full-text access to informative material of diverse nature categorized under its comprehensive collection of e-Books, Journals and Articles. The e-Books section accounts literature about political and constitutional history of Pakistan, its administrative structure, executive, policies, state functions and socio-economic issues with regional perspective. The journals subjecting foreign affairs, global security & politics, international developments, world history and ever changing human and social needs are listed under the respective categories.


Recent Submissions

Mahnama Nazaria-i-Pakistan (September 2008)
(Idara-i-Nazaria-i-Pakistan, 2008-09-01) Idara-i-Nazaria-i-Pakistan
Kalīd At-Tawhīd (Khurd)
(Al-Arifeen Publications, 2022) Written by: Sult n Al-„Ārifīn Sultan Bahoo & Translated in English and Glossary by: M. A. Khan