Gazetteer of the Shahpur District 1897

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Sang-E-Meel Publications
The basis of this revised edition of the Gazetteer oi the Shahpur District is the Settlement Report written in 1866 by Captain Davies (now Sir W._G. Davies, x.o.s.1.). The historical portions of that report have been repeated -almost verbatim, but the remainder has been almost entirely re-written, amplified and brought up to date. The figures regarding population are mainly taken from the statistics of the census of 1891; those regarding crops and assessments are mostly those of the year 1893, which were the last available when the revision of settlement was completed ; and the others have been brought up to the year 1895 or 1896. 1. The general information about the district and its people embodied in this volume was collected by from personal observation, by the charge of the district as Deputy Com missioner and carried out the revision of settlement between the years 1886 and 1891, or compiled from various sources too numerous to detail.