Gazetter of the Rawalpindi DISTRICT 1893-94

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The first edition of the Gazetteer of the Rawalpindi district was published in 1884. This was revised by Fred A Robertson at the conclusion of settlement operations, and submitted to Government with my final report of the resettlement of the Rawalpindi district in April 1887. It was published with that report, and formed the first six chapters of it. But it was not then published in a separate Gazetteer form, and last year It was requested to revise it once more. This Is now done, and endeavored to bring the letterpress as well as the statements up to date. This was a task of considerable labor, rendered more difficult by the fact that have not served in the district 1887.Thanks to the present Deputy Commissioner of Rawalpindi, Mr. H. B. Beckett, and to other gentlemen who very kindly assisted with notes for particular sections.