Gazetteer of the Bahawalpur District With Map 1904

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Before the year 1866 the State was divided into a number of administrative divisions called Kardaris (collectorates), each of which was sub-divided into from 3 to 5 Niyabots. On the establishment of tho British Agency in 1866 the State was divided into three Nizamats, each of which was sub-divided into a number of Tahsils and Peshkaris. This arrangement continued until 1879-80 when Col. Grey, tho Political Agent, with the assent of the British Government, introduced a new·arrangement by which the Nizamats and Tehsils were abolished, and six Kardaris with the Peshkari sub-divisions were again introduced. This arrangement lasted until 10th June 1905 whon His late Highness Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan, V, with the advice of the Political Agent finally abolishod the Kardaris and the State was divided into three principal administrative divisions called Nizamats, each of which comprised three Tahsils. Chapters I and II of this Gazetteer were compiled and printed before this arrangement came into force as were also most of the tabular statements illustrating and elucidating tbs facts described in those chapters, and other tables forming Part B of this work. Chapters III and IV were completed after the establishment of Nizamals and Tahsils in June 1905 with the result that while these names will be found in the later chapters, the terms Kardaris and Peshkiris appear in the earlier chapters and in some of the Tables.
Gazetteer of Bahwalpur